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North Center is a relatively small neighborhood that is imbued with a relaxed small town atmosphere. The community offers a variety of real estate and housing options including neatly maintained single-family homes, plus a variety of condos and flats. Centered around the convergence of Lincoln Avenue, Damen and Irving Park Road, North Center is home to a commercial potpourri of retail shops, restaurants and taverns, as well as live entertainment including music and theater. The Chicago River flows through the community; on its banks are a number of well-used parks and industrial areas, many of which are currently in the midst of redevelopment.

Roscoe Village is a quiet, but vibrant neighborhood located within the North Center community. A relatively low-density community, Roscoe village offers residents a myriad of housing alternatives including condos and two- and three-flats, a number of which are being converted into single-family residences. The area is also the site of much new construction including townhouse and condominium developments and airy loft conversions. A neighborhood focal point is a concentrated shopping area featuring independent retail establishments and restaurants offering a variety of cuisines. In addition, a section of five blocks on Belmont Avenue, known locally as Antique Row, is one of the Midwest’s largest and most important assemblages of antique stores.

Another small community in North Center is St. Ben’s, taking its name from St. Benedict's parish. The neighborhood features quiet streets with ample greenery, lined with original and rehabbed single-family brick homes and frame houses, as well as brick two-flats and a number of new developments and loft conversions.

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