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Living in Jefferson Park

Jefferson Park is one of the Northwest Side's most popular neighborhoods, attracting many residents who want a quieter, suburban-like lifestyle but don't want to leave Chicago proper. Although Jefferson Park's real estate mix offers some condos and multi-unit buildings, the community is mostly composed of single-family residences in a variety of architectural styles. You'll find 50's style ranches and traditional frame homes, as well as examples of Cape Cods, Georgians, turn-of-the-century Victorians and Chicago-style bungalows, all lining quiet, leafy streets that exude an almost suburban atmosphere in the midst of the city.

Jefferson Park residents enjoy many excellent, family-owned restaurants as well as a wide variety of shops along main thoroughfares such as Milwaukee Avenue, Montrose Avenue and Gale Street. Recreational space is ample, with Wilson Park and Jefferson Park itself offering fully equipped playgrounds, as well as field houses and excellent athletic facilities.

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