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Living in Portage Park

Immediately south of Jefferson Park lies another small gem of a neighborhood called Portage Park. The name of this community comes from the fact that in the early days of Chicago, the area was the site of a major Native American portage linking the Chicago River and Lake Michigan with a now-dry lake that formerly lay along the site of today’s Naragansett Avenue. In this comfortable neighborhood you’ll find an eclectic collection of contemporary urban eateries and shops mingled in amidst more traditional grocers, meat markets and restaurants.

Portage Park’s real estate is a pleasant potpourri of older and newer residences, including bungalows and frame homes, plus a number of rehabbed houses and renovated condos and multi-unit buildings. The commercial hub of Portage Park is the intersection known as Six Corners, a shopping district undergoing significant renovation as the neighborhood continues to add residents. Portage Park itself is one of the social and recreational hubs of the community, a square-mile expanse of greenery that contains an athletic field house and Olympic-size swimming pool, and offers a great many community programs and activities.

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