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Living in Garfield Park (West)

Situated on either side of Chicago's 180-acre Garfield Park are the communities of East Garfield Park and West Garfield Park. Anchored by the attraction of the famed Garfield Park Conservatory, the area holds a great deal of promise as new construction-including new high-rise condos and townhouses-continues spreading west from the Loop and West Loop. .

East Garfield Park has been experiencing a significant revitalization in recent years. Many of its single-family homes and vintage structures have been rehabbed and restored, and community residents are taking an active role in renovating their community. Developers are taking notice and bringing new developments to the neighborhood, which is rapidly becoming one of the up-and-coming communities on the South Side. West Garfield Park, located to the west of the park itself, is also a mainly residential neighborhood experiencing revitalization, although at perhaps a slower pace than its neighbor to the east.

The famed Garfield Park Conservatory, which opened in 1908, provides 4.5 acres of botanical splendor for residents of both communities, and is considered one of the largest enclosed gardens in the world. With a wide range of flowers and trees, plus a treasure trove of exotic plant life, the Conservatory also provides numerous programs for both youngsters and adults.

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