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Living in Jackson Park Highlands

With some of Chicago real estate’s most interesting housing stock, South Shore, located on Chicago’s southern lakefront is now enjoying a rebirth of interest and South Shore is now attracting many newcomers to its beautiful streets and convenient location.

South Shore is home to some of Chicago’s oldest and most architecturally significant residences, including homes by Frank Lloyd Wright and his Prairie-style disciples, many of which have undergone extensive remodeling. In many areas, single-family homes are large and have spacious yards. Jackson Park Highlands, an historic district located at the northern edge of South Shore, features buildings and homes that exemplify the best of Midwestern turn-of-the-century architectural styles such as American Four-Square, Colonial Revival and Renaissance Revival. New construction and new developments are also on the rise, and conversions of existing structures into luxury condos and multi-unit structures are helping to make South Shore one of Chicago real estate’s more desirable neighborhoods.

South Shore amenities include a myriad of lakefront activities, plus public access to the old South Shore Club, now restored to its original state and renamed the South Shore Cultural Center. Once a private playground for Chicago’s rich and famous, the property includes a clubhouse designed by noted architects Marshall and Fox, as well as a stable, golf course and beach, all of which are now open to the public.

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