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Living in Brighton Park

A mixed-use working-class neighborhood, Brighton Park features a real estate environment that includes residences, commercial establishments, transportation facilities and industrial areas. The community, located southwest of McKinley Park and just south of Little Village, has a long history as an important railroad and trucking hub. Even today, it is home to two historic railroad landmarks: Brighton Park Junction and the Corwith Yards, a major intermodal freight facility. Brighton Park is also home to the Balzekas Museum of Lithuanian Culture.

Property values in the area began to rise with the opening of the Stevenson Expressway in the mid-sixties and continue to increase. Today, Brighton Park residential areas are characterized by a pleasant mix of housing alternatives that include both single-family homes and multi-unit buildings. Possessing a strong and active sense of community pride, the neighborhood is served by the Brighton Park Neighborhood Council, winner of the 2006 Chicago Community Organizing Award.

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