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One of Chicago real estate’s most intriguing and hippest neighborhoods, Wicker Park is located a little northwest of the Loop and just south of Bucktown. Once primarily an artists’ enclave, the area has been having a major growth spurt, but still manages to retain its bohemian charm. Still home to one of the city’s most vital artistic and gallery scenes, Wicker Park boasts a large number of working artists and musicians. Integrating seamlessly into this trendy mix are neighborhoods of tree-line streets, renovated houses and flats, plus magnificent examples of Victorian mansions. Wicker Park also boasts a myriad of great restaurants, one-of-a-kind shops, independent art galleries and popular music venues. The community may be the only Chicago neighborhood to star in its own motion picture, 2004’s Wicker Park, also starring Josh Hartnett.

Slightly northwest of downtown is a group of communities known collectively as West Town, which are benefiting from the growth and ambience of their neighbor, Wicker Park. Probably the best known of these communities is one Chicago’s most unique neighborhoods, Ukranian Village. The neighborhood is a traditional village in both style and atmosphere, a cultural treasure trove of classic domed churches, quaint shops and restaurants, tidy single-family bungalows and multi-unit buildings that are attracting a eclectic variety of residents. Noble Square and East Village are nearby neighborhoods that are largely residential, featuring the same European character, with residences that include single-family cottages and bungalows as well as multi-unit buildings, many of which have been renovated. The last few years have seen strong growth in both new construction condo developments and single-family homes.

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