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Living in McKinley Park

One of Chicago real estate’s most traditional neighborhoods is McKinley Park. Located southwest of downtown, the community offers affordable property values that are paving the way for new development, new construction and new growth. Residents exhibit an enormous sense of pride in their community, attested to by the fact that virtually every home is neat and well maintained no matter how new or old. Residential real estate choices include two- and three-flat buildings, townhouses and vintage single-family homes. A thriving commercial area exists along 35th Street, and the area is well known for its unique culinary experiences. McKinley is not only the location of many exceptional restaurants, but also hosts a number of well-attended food-oriented street festivals each year.

McKinley Park itself offers residents 69 acres of recreational space that is a focal point of neighborhood life. Named for President William McKinley after his assassination in 1901, the park has recently been renovated and contains a swimming pool, fully stocked lagoon, athletic and community facilities, acres of greenery in summer, ice skating in winter and a variety of community events year-round.

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