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Chicago’s Near West Side, adjacent to the Loop, is a growing community made up of several distinct neighborhoods. The West Loop is a fast-growing area in the midst of a new real estate development boom, attracting a populace of urbanites who appreciate its many new multi-unit buildings and complexes and its proximity to downtown. In addition to new construction, the neighborhood features numerous rehabbed loft buildings converted into condos and commercial spaces. Amenities include world-class restaurants, clubs and a burgeoning gallery scene. The area is also home to Harpo Studios, where the Oprah Winfrey Show is produced, and the United Center with its famous statue of Michael Jordan, and home of the Chicago Bulls and Black Hawks.

University Village is an historic neighborhood that has been revitalized by the nearby University of Illinois at Chicago campus. The newly cosmopolitan area was once the site of Chicago’s famous Maxwell Street market with its memorable “we cheat you fair” motto, and the area in which the music known as Chicago Blues first originated. The Fulton River District is a residential and commercial neighborhood bordering the Chicago River, and offering renovated loft buildings as well as newly built condos. The community is the location of the Union and Northwestern railroad stations, as well as the historic Blommer Chocolate Factory.

Greektown is due west of the Loop, and offers a diverse ethnic population in an eclectic neighborhood where high-rise office and apartment complexes co-exist with old-world style and traditions. Halsted Street, the hub of the community, is lined with world-famous restaurants and independently owned shops. Tri-Taylor is a vibrant, growing triangular shaped neighborhood near UIC and Chicago’s famous Little Italy. To help preserve the area’s leafy, old-world ambience in which restored 19th century rowhouses and two- and three-flat buildings mingle with new single-family homes and townhouses, the Tri-Taylor Historic District has been granted neighborhood landmark status. The Illinois Medical District, home of four world-class hospitals, is part of the Tri-Taylor community.

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